Throughout generations fathers and sons, mothers and daughters have all participated in the joy of learning an instrument. Not any instrument but the guitar, this can change events into parties with the right guitar player.

There is a great program that can assist you with learning the guitar so you can become this guitar player, and it is called Yousician.

Let’s look deeper into this yousician review and see if it can really help us learn the guitar fast.

What is Yousician?

Yousician is a program that assists users with a learning the guitar, bass, ukulele, and piano. They are a very popular app on the app store at the moment with both android and Apple products.

After some profiling questions to learn where you are at with your experience of the guitar. The app will know where you should start in your practice. The program wants to put you into a lesson that you are comfortable with playing.

With the beginner lessons ranging from down and up strumming to changing positions, and picking. The program will even help you tune your guitar so all the notes are exactly the way the program is wanting to hear them.

By making the program interactable the user can practice on their skills by completing missions. This makes the program more fun for the user instead of being a monogram boring voice over instructor led program.

If you become bored you can jump over to the song section where you can play present day rock songs to get yourself in the mood to practice more.

How are they different from competitors?

Many of the competitors out there in the guitar industry have very boring and monotone instructor’s slowly going through the course. It does not matter what skill set you are at, everyone starts off as a beginner with the other instrument teaching programs.

Another great thing about Yousician that I put in this Yousician review is now they have added videos into the program as well for those that learn better visually.

The interface of the program has a white bubble that goes from note to note when teaching new notes and songs, by doing this Yousician has made the process of learning an instrument so much easier for the beginner user.

How much does Yousician cost?

This is a free application on Android and Apple devices. There of course is a limit to how many songs they are going to let you have for free before they will move your account to a payable account.

Prices vary depending on what country you live in. There is a monthly and annual subscription option. But overall this is a great program for both the beginner and advanced user.

Are there any cons about Yousician?

The only con that stands out about Yousician is that you do not have the human to human interaction when taking the lessons.

Some people might find this as a negative aspect about the program but over all the program is a set your own pace type of program.

This is a lot better for many users out there due to time restrictions in their daily activity. Even with this negative point about the use Yousician program, this program is ranked in the top 15 education programs in the entire world.

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